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Craig's Verification Tips

“Begin with the End in Mind” – Craig Caddell on recruiting, qualifying, hiring and training your verifications staff.

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Recruiting and Qualifying Staff Makes Your Verification Department Effective

A Holistic Approach to Managing

Holistic Management

I take a holistic approach to managing a verification department and rely on the wisdom of the old axiom, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Because verification work is labor-intensive, labor deserves the bulk of your attention. Recruiting, qualifying, hiring and training people must be done properly if your department is going to be cost effective.

How to Start?

Recruiting and qualifying begins with constantly assessing what you’re doing well and hiring people who can do those things. Here’s how to start: use an assessment tool to help you take inventory of the traits your top producers have in common. We use Criteria Corp. and we have identified four main traits common to our most successful researchers. Applicants who score high on some or all of those traits tend to succeed.

Craig Caddell is Vice President of CRA Solutions at ClearStar.

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